Integrate Extensive influencer database

  1. Find the perfect influencer for your campaign from an inexhaustible list of 300 million+ influencers.
  2. Advanced filters like lookalikes, monthly followers/following/likes/engagements stats, influencer relevant keywords,language, audience demographics etc.
  3. Use the influencer search to create lists easily and provide it to your clients and verification of campaigns.
Audit database

Launch campaign with confidence and ease

  1. Leverage data and flex your strategies. Furthermore, get creative with the strategies and launch respective campaigns with ease (Discovery tool).
  2. Effortlessly plug-and-play - get all data of influencers (niche, area, channel, demographics)
  3. Keep easy track of previous records and formulate conclusions. Integrate the advantages of last campaign to gain more edge in current campaign.
Launch campaign

Client dashboards to monitor campaigns

  1. Simple filters for influencer searches, locations tags, audience affinity, demographics, etc. to create and segment campaigns.
  2. Track every movement of your campaigns and minutely measure and record all the changes. Utilise track record to boost your next campaign.
Supervise Campaigns

Gain more conversions

  1. Create impact on influencers, audience, and geographical extent. Gain high end conversions with our comprehensive analysis tool.
  2. Easily measure influencer collaboration in the campaign and calculate your Return on Investment (ROI)
  3. Simultaneously manage various campaigns for your clients and provide real time data.
Gain Conversions

Get methodical with the edge of analytical tool

  1. Access past records of influencer content and performance overall, get a sneak peek into influencer brand affinity, niche, and content quality. Use the information to create impactful campaigns.
  2. Get advanced insights like TopicTensor, Popular hashtags and mentions, engagement spread, etc. to chisel the campaign to perfection.
Analyse advance insights

Enjoy the taste of success

  1. Get a detailed report of every campaign. Impress your clients with in-depth and vast reports. Highlight the influencer marketing campaigns and overall performance of the campaign.
  2. Client focused performance report: Showcase key metrics before and after the launch of campaign. Use the report to measure changes and its impacts.
  3. Influencer based performance report: Measure influencer performance in terms of like, comments, engagement, interactions, etc. Judge the efficiency of influencers and utilise judiciously.
Measure performance

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